Three Easy Steps to Pain Free Feet


Order your custom orthotics today. Just Click Here or give us a call at (682) 292-7349.


You return the impression box to us, we make your custom insert and send them to  you.

We make the ordering process as easy as possible.

Call (682) 292-7349  or order online.   After you order one of our orthotic specialists will call you to get a few more details. We will send you instructions, a prepaid return label and an impression box in the mail.  Make an impression of both of your feet using the instructions or by visiting this website and watching this video.   Return the impression box using the prepaid shipping label. In about two or three weeks we will send you your new custom made orthotics with instructions on how to break them.

There are as many different orthotics as there are shoes.

Tell us if you are interested in ordering orthotics for your dress shoes, sneakers, sandals, golf shoes, running shoes, cycling shoes or a youth sports shoe.

  • Your Feet Are Unique to You and so are the orthotics we create just for you.

  • Ordering is quick and easy and you will walking pain free in just a few weeks.

About a year ago I started to experience foot pain in both my feet. I tried taking aspirin and ibuprofen and it helped. But sooner or later the foot pain would return. It was painful to walk any distance. I mentioned this to a friend of mine who suggested that I contact Sports and Wellness and look into getting custom orthotics.

I did and now I am walking pain free!​

Mark Siebert
Dallas, Texas

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