heel pain 
Do you have it and why?

A simple way to tell if you have plantar fasciitis versus a heel spur/stress fracture is to walk on your toes: heel spurs and heel stress fractures feel better while you walk on your toes, while plantar fasciitis typically produces more discomfort when you shift your weight onto your toes. es.

I had been suffering with heel pain for some time. The heel pain that I had was so severe, I could hardly function at work anymore and thought I might have to get surgery. My physician suggested that I contact you.

The custom orthotic your staff made for me has worked remarkably well for me.

 I thank you for your help and I would highly recommend your products to anyone with heel pain or other foot condition needing relief.

Again thank you Sports and Wellness​

- Rick F

What To do?

Heel Spur Orthotics are among the best ways to treat heel spurs by physically re-stretching the plantar-fascia ligament while increasing the density of the heel’s natural fat pad (the body’s natural shock absorber).

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Heel Spur Orthotics

They also structurally support the heel bone to prevent partial collapse of your midfoot area. The effective design of this orthotic has been clinically proven to treat heel spurs.

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Custom orthotic insoles from Sports and Wellness offer great value and relief for anyone with heel pain. They reduce muscle strain and fatigue by placing the feet in the ideal balanced position for walking and standing.

Custom Insoles

Custom orthotic insoles work great on eliminating pain due to weak ankles, flat feet, fallen arches, heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, burning and numbness.

Custom Orthotics

Best of all, the orthotic can fit into dress and casual shoes-perfect for work or play.

Get custom orthotics

Our shoes offer preventive care for diabetics. We also offer orthotics in the forms of socks, shoes, and insoles to help with achy feet. Being the leader in diabetic shoes throughout DFW, North Texas, and Southern Oklahoma, we offer a simple and friendly process to ensure our patients are taken care of properly.

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